Course: Accent Improvement for Spanish-Speaking Professionals


The Department of English at UNAN-Managua announces a new course:

Accent Improvement for Spanish-Speaking Professionals

Course information:

Course:  Accent Improvement for Spanish-Speaking Professionals


Course teachers:

Dale Hunter, BA MA (UBC), and former Dean of the School of Language Studies, Vancouver Community College, has been engaged in English language instruction for speakers of other languages since 1988.  His teaching focus has been on real-world language for professional and technical careers. His passion is helping learners achieve accurate, intelligible and natural speech in English.

David Webber

M.A. in TESOL. Southern Illinois University. B.A. in English from UNAN MANAGUA.



A. Intelligible and accurate pronunciation of all vowels and consonants in English.

B. Development of mimicry and listening skills.

C. Mastery of sounds that change in different consonant-vowel sequences, and in different word and phrase stress contexts

D. Accurate and natural syllable stress, word stress and intonation

E. Contractions, reductions and connected speech

F. Strategies to maximize communication success – pacing and carefulness

H. How to prepare a presentation with a focus on difficult sounds

I. Strategies for continuous improvement over time


Total course time: 84 hours (24 in the classroom + 60 independent practice)

Focus: Development of specific competencies of oral English

Evaluation: Formative (observation of students’ practice, recorded homework, presentations, comparison of initial and end-of-course recordings)

Cost of course: $300.00

Schedule: Saturdays10:00 a.m. – 12:00p.m

Start date: 10 of June, 2017


For more information, please contact:

M. A. Geraldine López Cel: 8875-0344

Departamento de Inglés Telf: 2278-6764 (Ext. 5154)